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What is GameXplain?Edit

GameXplain is a video game news and analysis channel. A majority of their uploads are based on Nintendo games and trailers, however, they do occasionally cover things from other developers. They currently have over one million subscribers and have over 9,000 videos uploaded since 2009.

Cast Edit

The cast of GameXPlain includes:

- Andre Segers

- Derrick Bitner

- Ash Paulsen

- Jon Cartwright

- Thomas Arnold

- Daan Koopman

Occasionally they are accompanied by guests, which will be eventually added in the wiki.

Videos Edit

GameXplain has a ton of videos on their channel, as stated before. Below are some of the types of videos uploaded:

- Analysis

- Predictions

- Tours

- Comparisons

- Discussions

- Other

Not all videos will be found under these categories, but the most recent or well-known ones will appear there as examples.

Social Media Edit